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Have embryologists looked for transformative activity in the egg ...
what is truly alive?
What “is really alive in the yolk”? There are a large number of nano-organisms in the yolk, transmitted by descent, capable of fermentation and profound chemical transformations.
Antoine Béchamp (1816 – 1908) discovered these small ferments or 'microzymas', which he studied at length. They are the vital element at the base of all living matter, and without them no matter could be alive.
This booklet describes Antoine Béchamp's approach and insight into understanding life, thanks to tenacious and meticulous research and constant questioning, since the discovery of these “little bodies” which seemed unimportant and which turned out to be essential to the life of every living organism.
Scientists need to be aware of his essential work. This booklet summarises his work and will help them to do so. A paradigm shift, now inevitable, is within their grasp.
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Webinar : What did Béchamp discover?

What are Microzymas?

Condensed excerpts from the book "Microzymas"

Extracts from Béchamp book "Les microzymas" 1883
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Presentation of Béchamp's theory

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